Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New blog!!

It has been a While since my last time here. But that´s actually for a reason!!

After a lot of thinking about this blog, I decided I was not doing a great job at all... I actually didn´t post  often, and I wasn´t really happy, so at the begging of January I created a completely new blog!!

It´s called Adrimubu, and it´s most of a personal blog about Marketing, Fashion and Fun.

This is the new link, and I hope you like it!!!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Bombay Sapphire

Well... I´m a little unmotivated about everything in general... School, and stuff. 
That´s why I wanted to show you me latest class project and see what do you think about it.

It is a Bombay Sapphire ad, and well... that´s it! 

I can´t upload the ended work, don´t know why... so you can see almost every pic is missing the brand, I still can´t really fix a picture! But at least I´m kind of taking decent ones!

I know I didn´t get to express the same than the last Bombay Sapphire´s campaign, "Infused with imagination", (and that is exactly what I was supposed to do) but I´m new in all of this, and I still kind of really bad with this whole advertising world.

What do you think?
Hope you don´t hate it!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just go for it!

Everything is ironically complicated. Don´t chose to have a decent life. Just pursue a GREAT life.
So to know... We are NOT that great.
Well... just some video I saw the last year in class...
I thought it was great, and it actually makes you think, and gives me motivation to work hard. 

So to know... We are NOT that great.
Well... just some video I saw the last year in class...
I thought it was great, and it actually makes you think, and gives me motivation to work hard.
Hope you like it!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The blue dress.

This is theblue dress. It is from Versace, and it's  not new at all. It's actually from the past fall 2011
But I am just in love with it. since I saw it the first time, it was The Dress. I know it is nothing extreme, and its kind of weird too... but is just what I really like and the back is even better, but I can't find a picture of it! I also won't matter to wear the rest of the collection.. the black one is amazing, classic and risky at the same time, but super elegant. What else to say... I will just keep dreaming!
I would love to know what are your dream dresses too! Do you have any love at first sight as I do?

Este es el vestido azul. Es de Versace, y no es nuevo para nada. En realidad es del pasado invierno 2011.
Pero estoy enamorada de el. Desde la primera vez que lo vi, fue El Vestido. Se que no esnada extremo, y puede llegar a ser algo raro... pero es justo lo que me gusta y la espalda es aun mejor, pero no puedo encontrar una foto decente! Tampoco me importaria llevar algun otro de la coleccion... el negro es impresionante, clasico y arriesgado a la vez, pero super elegante. Que mas puedo decir.... Seguire sonando! 
Me encantaria saber cuales son vuestros vestidos favoritos! Teneis algun flechazo como yo?

Here you kind of can see the back of the blue dress at the left top =)

Aqui se puede ver un poco la espalda del vestido azul arriba a la izquierda =) 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Strong and youth

Here it is, a video that one professor showed to me in class... I had watched it before, but that was the first time I actually paid attention.I think is really powerfull and inspiring, and although is old, so maybe some of you already had seen it, I hope you like it!!

Aqui os dejo un video que puso un dia una profesiora en clase... Lo habia visto antes, pero esa fue la primera vez quede verdad preste atencion. Creo que es muy poderoso e inspirador, y aunque es viejo y lo mismo algunos ya lo habeis visto, espero que os guste!!

Now, back to class.
Ahora de vuelta a clase.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Victor =)

Today I just want to show you some of my favorite pics with him. We had been together since we were almost kids, and he is not just my boyfriend. He is the best friend I'll ever have. 
Who else will call me on skype to show me his room's floor looking like this? 
I just feel like telling to the world that I MISS YOU!!  I love you!

Hoy quiero mostraros algunas de mis fotos favoritas con el. Llevamos juntos casi desde ninos, y el no es solo mi novio. Es mi el mejor amigo que puedo tener.
Quien mas me llamaria a skype para ensenarme el suelo de su habitacion asi?? 
Hoy solo quiero gritar que TE ECHO DE  MENOS!! Te amo!


Thursday, March 22, 2012


<<I feel alive and the world is turning inside down, yeah!>>

<<I'm burning through the skies two hundred degrees that why they call me Mister Fahrenheit>>

Some old songs will never get old!! And this is just the good move I needed today =)
Algunas canciones viejas nunca seran viejas!! Y esto es justo el buen rollo que necesitaba hoy =)

A few days left and classes will start again... 
This Spring Break all I did is stay at college, relax and work out every day... Doesn't sound really fun but it isn't been that bad so far I meet some new people and we have been going around and making barbecues =)... it isn't like being in Miami beach or PCB, but I didn't really have plans after spend all my money in a new laptop so... 
 This is my motivation song for today, 
now ready to make this next month go fast and go back home as soon as I can! =) 
I hope you like it! =)

En unos pocos dias volveran a empezar las clases...
Estas vacaciones de primavera todo lo que he echo ha sido quedarme en la uni, relajarme y hacer ejercicio tooodos los dias... No suena muy divertido pero no ha sido tan horrible como parece. He conocido gente nueva y hemos estado saliendo por ahi y haciendo carbacoas ... No es como estar en Miami o PCB pero despues de gastarme todo el dinero en un portatil nuevo no tenia muchos planes asi que...
Esta es mi cancion de motivacion para hoy,
ahora estoy preparada para pasar este proximo mes lo mas rapido posible e irme corriendo a casa! =) 
Espero que os guste!! =)