Monday, October 15, 2012

Bombay Sapphire

Well... I´m a little unmotivated about everything in general... School, and stuff. 
That´s why I wanted to show you me latest class project and see what do you think about it.

It is a Bombay Sapphire ad, and well... that´s it! 

I can´t upload the ended work, don´t know why... so you can see almost every pic is missing the brand, I still can´t really fix a picture! But at least I´m kind of taking decent ones!

I know I didn´t get to express the same than the last Bombay Sapphire´s campaign, "Infused with imagination", (and that is exactly what I was supposed to do) but I´m new in all of this, and I still kind of really bad with this whole advertising world.

What do you think?
Hope you don´t hate it!


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