Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The blue dress.

This is theblue dress. It is from Versace, and it's  not new at all. It's actually from the past fall 2011
But I am just in love with it. since I saw it the first time, it was The Dress. I know it is nothing extreme, and its kind of weird too... but is just what I really like and the back is even better, but I can't find a picture of it! I also won't matter to wear the rest of the collection.. the black one is amazing, classic and risky at the same time, but super elegant. What else to say... I will just keep dreaming!
I would love to know what are your dream dresses too! Do you have any love at first sight as I do?

Este es el vestido azul. Es de Versace, y no es nuevo para nada. En realidad es del pasado invierno 2011.
Pero estoy enamorada de el. Desde la primera vez que lo vi, fue El Vestido. Se que no esnada extremo, y puede llegar a ser algo raro... pero es justo lo que me gusta y la espalda es aun mejor, pero no puedo encontrar una foto decente! Tampoco me importaria llevar algun otro de la coleccion... el negro es impresionante, clasico y arriesgado a la vez, pero super elegante. Que mas puedo decir.... Seguire sonando! 
Me encantaria saber cuales son vuestros vestidos favoritos! Teneis algun flechazo como yo?

Here you kind of can see the back of the blue dress at the left top =)

Aqui se puede ver un poco la espalda del vestido azul arriba a la izquierda =) 



  1. el vestido esta super divino!!!


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  4. Amazing blue dress, it's really gorgeous!



  5. First on all, You have an adorable blog! Also, my dream dress would be vintage Chanel. Classy and beautiful.


    Hopefully you can check my blog out sometime and hopefully follow each other :)