Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm Back!!

After a long time without a laptop I'm finally back! My old laptop burned (with smoke and all the stuff) like a couple weeks ago, and I finally got my new one! The worst part? Now I don't have any pics for now...  
so I'll have to start going around with my camera and making new memories!  I was really disappointed I couldn't post in this long time, but I promesse to start posting again every day from now!! 

Tras muho tiempo sin portatil por fin vuelvo!! My portatil viejo se quemo (con humo y todo) como hace un par de semanas, y por fin tengo el nuevo! la peor parte?Ahora no tengo ninguna foto...
Asi que tendre que empezar a dar vueltas con mi camara y hacer nuevas fotos! Ha sidoun fastidio no poder continuar con mi blog por todo este tiempo, pero prometo que a partir de hoy hare al menos un post diario!! 

Have fun!


  1. oh no! that's awful - i'm sorry you lost things and that that happened! glad to see you back

    1. Thanks a lot girl! I'm kind of going trough social networks and downloading all pics I used to have lol! but the good news is that I have internet access again and a new laptop =)